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Gabriele Stabile

Since 2006 Gabriele has been drawn to issues of immigration, displacement and resettlement.
Twice an immigrant himself he first moved from a small rural Sicilian town to Rome, following his father’s search of a better job and life conditions, then he moved with his wife to the United States of America.

The photographs which are appearing in his latest creation : "Till the sun turns black" have been taken since the last ten years.

He photographed immigrant populations, refugees, minor and major immigration crises in Europe, in the islands of the Mediterranean basin, in the Middle East, in North Africa. He also did publish a monograph titled : “Refugee Hotel” ( McSweeney’s, San Francisco, 2013 ), about a six years dedication to follow refugees’ resettlement in the United States of America.

Gabriel about his work:
"But I realize now, despite my efforts, the integrity and the commitment I’ve poured into this body of work, that all this time I failed to perceive the big picture. Looking back I see that the events I covered, despite the geographical distance in the storylines, are in fact deeply interrelated.
They now appear to me like pieces of the same incomplete, ever evolving puzzle. And I realize I just started to scratch the surface."

With this body of work Gabriele is trying to figure out a bigger picture, pulling together all the experiences that a photographer can get on the field and then step back in his studio. He tries with artistic language to digest it and transmit to us an idea of our time, of what I did succeed to experience in 10 years of commitment and attention to those too fragile populations.

This series is produced with prints, transfers, transparencies and ink, by hand.
Digital manipulation is minimal to none.

- date : 2017
- dimension 50x70cm
- Unique pieces
- Price : 2 000 € 

Catalog of the entire body of work on demand :

Bio :
Gabriele Stabile is an Italian photographer based in New York and Rome.
He is graduated of the International Center of Photography New-York and holds a master in Photojournalism at Westminster University.
He was featured in PDN30’s prestigious list in 2010 and his work has been widely published by The New York Times, The New Yorker, Newsweek, FADER, The Wall Street Journal, and many other fine publications. His photographs have been shown in solo and group shows at home and abroad, in museums, galleries and photo festivals: Aperture/Museum of the City of New York, Museum of Roma in Trastevere, SIPF in Singapore, MOCLA, Los Angeles, LOOK3.
He is the author of Refugee Hotel (McSweeney's/VoiceofWitness, 2012 ), a book of photographs and oral histories, chronicling refugees resettling in the United States, a collection of narratives focussing on families and individuals he photographed following their first night in America and onto the next 7 years of their lives.

Member of CESURA since 2010 and staff photographer at the great late Lucky Peach since its first issue.