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Valentina Ricardi


Most of my work takes place in Ibiza, Spain, where I decided to live a few years ago to merge and integrate myself to a kind of community and discover a way of living that was far from what I knew, having grown in a big city, but very close to what I have always aspired to. I didnít realise that this inspiration would eventually become a huge part of my photographic practice, a photographic story. I started to photograph the people I lived with, to document a life there.

This became an intimate and personal project.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea where the local people and the hippies merged at the end of the 60ís.

At that time, Ibiza became one of the popular places to live ďfreedomĒ.

What intrigued me is the fact that in the midst of all the corruption (drug dealing, partying and real estate deal), you can still find people who want to live outside society, and self-sufficient, living their lives in an humble way and pursuing other values rather than materialism, emphasising the value like sense of community and harmony with nature and themselves.

I would like to centre this project on different spaces with their stories and the people living in them.

The people generally live in community. Several houses on the island are inhabited by squatters who pay no rent. And if most of the time they are allowed to live there, they donít have the security you get if the house was private.

Most of those houses (sometimes hotels) are ruins that are renovated and inhabited quite normally.

I would like to show how those places are transformed and take cared for, show the way the space is used, the way they live in their community, ecologically and very creatively.