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Robin Lopvet


Installation & Film-Photographic

At the large supermarket of images, Robin Lopvet enjoys entering through the back door.
He searches the unsold and cliches close to the expiration. He collects and saves what can be considered non-consumable.
From his conquests to the depths of the web and his visual peregrinations, he concocted iconoclastic dishes.
Armed with his finds, seated in his caddy, he navigates between the rays of fresh documents and that of hallucinatory phantasmagoria under vacuum.
He enjoys changing labels and barcodes from Blu to Bublex, from Baltz to Baldessari, from Bourcart to Ballen, from Frank to Graham, from Grasso to Wurm ... to disrupt the traffic and arrive at the cashbox empty-handed.

For  EVERYTHING MUST BE DISAPPEARED  Robin Lopvet takes as a playground the icon itself: New York.
Such large PEZ tubes: Central Park, Brooklyn, Queens, distribute their images to calibrated tastes.
The artist, in conscientious alchemist, mixes them, crushes them, clones them, hangs them end to end, incorporates them, and rides them in snow.
By destructuring these products of great consumption, it distills with delight the essential essences. The Big Apple is crunched and disappears under its own images,
It becomes smooth, liquefies and crystallizes. The result is an animated molecular cuisine of one hour and eight minutes, whose vapors, above all technical performance, leave us a feeling of coming back.

Nicolas Havette